Penjing is the art of creating a miniature "landscape in a pot". The word consists of two characters: "pen" - "basin", and "jing" - "scenery". Also known as "Bonsai" in Japanese, this living art which originated from China thousands of years ago is the pinnacle of gardening skills. These timeless trees require great skills and attention to preserve. Despite their size, Penjing conserves the characteristics of full-grown trees.


Penjing Asset Management identifies with such philosophy in managing its business. We firmly believe that our dedication and commitment to our core competency will ultimately lead us to the door of success.


Photo credit: Banya Tree Bonsai by loutpany


Our investment philosophy is founded on the four pillars below:


Absolute Return Driven: to preserve investment capital and maximise risk-adjusted return for investors.


"Two-way" Bottom-up Research: in addition to evaluating managers' individual merits, we capitalise on managers' "aggregated" perspective and outlook to formulate its top-down investment view; constant communication with managers enable us to identify under-valued or under-followed managers/strategies/asset classes.


Dynamic Portfolio Management: we unveil "hidden values" and avoid overcrowded space over market cycles through bottom-up research, and believe that such discipline to asset rotation will maximise alpha and dampen volatility at portfolio level in the medium- to long-term.


Early Stage Investing: we maintain a portfolio with adequate depth to accommodate managers at their early business stage, and target certain allocation to such managers who have demonstrated their investment capabilities; disciplined rotation to new talents also enables us to participate in managers' start-up and growth phase of their business life cycle.